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<![CDATA[1 Second Everyday Videos from June and July]]>Sun, 16 Aug 2015 00:41:00 GMThttp://www.textiles4you.com/blog/1-second-everyday-videos-from-june-and-julyI try to take a video everyday that I craft, and then I use the app 1SE (1 second everyday) to create these quick and fun videos. I don't always craft everyday (which is weird when I don't), and I don't always remember to take a video of it.  I hope that you enjoy them.
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Here are 2 more purple baby hats that I crochet for A Child's Light charity.  Here is the free pattern for them.  I used Caron's Simply Soft yarn and an I hook.  I'm lucky that my job collects them, so it is really easy for me to put them in the donation basket.  You can see that several of the hats that I've made are in the basket.  He hasn't picked any up during the Summer, probably because things slow down during theses months.  
July's Disney Adventures (ravelry) theme was Alice in Wonderland (the animated Disney film), so I made this crochet bunny bobble square for it.  Here is the free ravelry downloadable pattern for it.  I used Plymouth Encore yarn and an H hook.   This square is part of a slowly growing bobble afghan. I think that I will end up saving the afghan for one of my future grandchildren, because by the time I finish it my youngest son might be to old for it.  Crochet bobbles are extremely easy to make, so they make great beginner projects.  
Another of the Disney Adventures challenges was to make a hat (the challenge was inspired by the Mad Hatter), so I wanted to try a new to me slouchy hat pattern.  When looking at all of the different crochet patterns on ravelry I decided to try one by a designer who is well known, Vickie Howell.  This is the Jungle Crochet Slouchy Beanie hat, and here is the free ravelry downloadable pattern.  For mine, I went into my stash and used some Caron Simply Soft yarn and an H hook.  I remember that the beginning of the pattern confused me a little bit.  I wasn't sure if I should decrease (skip a stitch) every round or not.  I ended up not decreasing, and that was the right decision.  I talked to a friend who had made this same hat before, and she had the same confusion.  So the pattern isn't perfect, but once you get going it is an easy pattern to make.  
I lead a kitchen swap in the Good Things Together recently, and the following yellow items were made for my swap partner.  Her kitchen is a yellow / golden color with some other colors sprinkled in.  We've actually been ravelry friends for a while, and we have even talked on the phone a few time so this was guaranteed to be a good swap.  Plus I love the things that she makes.  For the swap we were suppose to make 3 items for the other person's kitchen, but I knew that we would both go a little overboard (which we did).  While in the craft store I saw a very large skein of cotton yarn that just screamed "buy me for the swap!" so of course I had to get it.  I wanted to try a new to me pattern for a dishcloth, and I thought that this free pattern had an interesting texture.  The pattern itself was easy, but I'm not to thrilled with the edge of it.  
This free ravelry downloadable crochet scrubbie pattern is very easy to make.  If you can single crochet, then you can make it.  For the first one I forgot to go into the back loop of every stitch, but it still turned out fine.   
My swap partner's first name starts with C, so I knew that I needed to make her a "C" dishcloth (free pattern by Rhonda White). I used Cascade Avalon cotton yarn (great yarn) and size 7 needles to make it.  One hank of this yarn makes 3 dishcloths, so it is wonderful on both quality and quantity.  I also love Rhonda White's patterns, however when checking the links to her website jus now it is not working.  She might not have renewed her Go Daddy account, but I hope that she does.  
My swap partner lives in Texas, so I chose another Rhonda White pattern to make this Texas dishcloth.  I used the same Avalon yarn as the dishcloths above and below.  
With what was left of the Avalon yarn I made this slightly smaller dishcloth.  This is my "go-to" dishcloth pattern.  
Speaking of my "go-to" dishcloth pattern, it here are 2 more dishcloths that I made using that pattern.  I just grabbed some cotton yarn from my stash (Lily's Sugar'n Cream) to make these during a few movie and t.v. watching nights (when the lights needed to be turned off).  
One of the challenges in the ravelry group Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup was to use fibre that you've never worked with before.  This was an extremely hard challenge for me since I've used a lot of different types of fiber (plarn, t-shirt yarn / tarn, netting, etc.), but I decided to try my hand at making pants yarn.  Making it was easy, messy but easy.  Working with it was a nightmare!  I tried crocheting with it, but it was to difficult even with a large hook.  Then I used size 15 needles to knit with it.  That was a nightmare to, so I only made a coaster sized object.  It might be better to make braided rugs with it or weave with it. 
Now back to what I made for the kitchen swap.  My partner asked for an oven mitt, and after trying 2 patterns out that I didn't like, I decided to create my own pattern.  This oven mitt is super thick (4 layers thick).  It has a basket weave pattern on the outside and is smooth on the inside.  My swap partner has used it a few time already and says that it is great.  There is no way that she will be burned using it.  It is also a yarn eater.  
The Park Hopper challenge in the ravelry group Disney Adventures was to make something inspired by Mad Tea Party spinning tea cup ride.  So I made a hexiflat and duplicate stitched a tea cup on it.  This hexiflat is going to be a part of my slowly growing hexiflat afghan.  
<![CDATA[June 2015 Projects]]>Wed, 08 Jul 2015 17:54:54 GMThttp://www.textiles4you.com/blog/june-2015-projectsHere are the different projects that I made in June.
I love love love this pattern!  This is the 5th pair of Tunisian crochet slippers that I have made using the birchbark slipper pattern.  For this pair I used Cascade Pacific Chunky yarn, a P Tunisian hook, and a K and J crochet hook.  My tweak to the pattern is after you make the last round of the pattern using a K hook, you then switch to a J hook and slip stitch all the way around.  
I love this Summer scarf.  One of my students brought in a pattern that would work perfectly with my Cascade North Shore yarn, but after making a few rows I decided to change it from a 4 row repeat to a 2 row repeat (I don't know the name of the pattern).  I just did not like the 4th row at all.  Using a P hook and dk yarn, chain 101 stitches (be careful making the chain so that the chains don't shrink on you), row 1 is all single crochet, chain 2 and turn, row two is all double crochet, chain 1, turn, and repeat.  You end on a single crochet row.  Super easy!  
This dish soap apron tested my new knowledge of making a chinless foundation (for the apron ties).  It is not my favorite technique, but sometimes it is useful.  The pattern was fairly easy, but I would not recommend it to a new crocheter.  
For these matching dishcloths I used size 9 needles and a pattern that was stored in my head.  I didn't remember the pattern exactly, but the dishcloths still turned out good.  This is my go-to pattern when I don't know what to make, and I need something mindless to work on during movie nights.
Here is yet another purple baby hat using this free pattern for the charity A Child's Light.  This charity promotes awareness of shaken baby syndrome.  I used Cascade Pacific yarn and a size I hook to make this hat. 
I started making this egg basket for a friend last August, but Christmas presents and other crafting obligations got in the way.  So this project got put on the back burner until June.  That same friend was going through a hard time, so I really wanted to finish this project for her.  The pattern costs $3.37.  It is well written and easy to follow and easy to make.  Now my friend has this nice basket to collect eggs from her chickens in.  
This iPhone belt cozy is my own design.  I still need to create a pdf pattern for it.  I used Cascade Pacific yarn for the main body of it, and Cascade Cherub DK yarn for the butterfly.   It not only matches my workout clothes, but it has a velcro money pocket so that my money won't fall out every time I take my phone out of the pocket (which kept happening with the last belt phone cozy that I made).  Why make this?  Because not every pair of workout pants has a pocket, and I used my phone to listen to music and as a pedometer while I workout.  
I also finished the 3rd personalized fair isle teacher ornament for my son's teachers.  There is a styrofoam ball inside of it.  I used Cascade Cherub yarn and size 2 needles to make it.  
One of the Disney Adventures (ravelry group) challenges this month was to be inspired by Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel.  I thought that this free dishcloth pattern looked like the top of a carrousel.  It was a quick and easy dishcloth to make.  
One of my students came in with an interesting granny square bag chart one week (pictured below), and the following week she had a very cool project bag.  I just had to make one for myself.  I used 2 skeins of Cascade Sunseeker Multis cotton yarn (color 101) and an F hook.  I love this yarn because it has sparkles running throughout.  With the leftover yarn from the first skein, I made a mini granny square that I sewed into the lining of the bag.  With the leftover yarn from the 2nd skein, I made a single crochet rectangle which became a pocket for my bag.  After sewing all of the granny squares together, I single crochet once around the top of the bag starting at one of the sides.  Then I crochet the handle.  The fabric lining was machine sewed (as well as the pocket and mini granny square attachments), but I hand sewed it into the crochet bag.  Now I have a nice new project bag that I love.
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Using the Cascade North Shore DK yarn that I bought a couple of months ago, I crochet this chevron cowl and matching chevron hat.  They are from 2 different designers, but they look great together.  I love this yarn, because it makes great Summer accessories.  The cowl's pattern wasn't well written, however there is a chart.  The chart was well written / drawn out.  The hat pattern cost $4.99, and it was well written and easy to follow.  
I followed this photo tutorial to make these cute little butterfly magnets, as well as a G hook and leftover Cascade North Shore yarn from the chevron hat and cowl that I made.  My youngest son was going on a field trip to a butterfly museum the day after I made them, so I gave one to each of his teachers.  He said that they stuck them on their desks, which have a metal part around the edge of them.  They are very easy to make, and only consist of 3 rounds.  This is a great way to use up leftover yarn, and they make cute little gifts.  I plan on making a lot more.  
For one of thee butterflies I followed this free pattern, and for the other one I followed this photo tutorial.  I also used the photo tutorial to make the body and antennae.  I prefer the photo tutorial over the other pattern.  For the yarn, I used some of the Caron Simply Soft from my stash and an H hook. 
Last year I bought 2 skeins of this Cascade Pinwheel yarn.  I had no idea what I was going to make with it until I read the May challenges for the ravelry groups Disney Adventures and Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC).  The Disney Challenge was to be inspired by the Disney Legend Tyrus Wong who painted some of the concept art for Bambii and who makes his own kites.  The HPKCHC one was to make something inspired by a wall *shape, construction, etc).  Then combine that with my house's challenge of the Triwizard Tournament, to make something inspired by dragon fire.  So I came across this unique scarf pattern which looked like a wall with it's windows missing, and combine that with this color way of Cascade Pinwheel yarn (which can represent dragon fire and the fire concept art for Bambii), and then tie it into box kites, and this was must make pattern.  I used only 1 of my 2 skeins of this yarn, so now I want to find a good hat and glove pattern to match this scarf.  
The May Park Hopper challenge for the ravelry group Disney Adventures was to make something inspired by the ride It's A Small World.  When I saw this image from the ride, I just knew that I had to recreate the floor tiles by making a hexipuff.  I just made up the duplicate stitch pattern on the spot, no chart.  
For one of the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup challenges in May (a challenge group in ravelry) we were asked to make something to represent a Thestral.  A Thestral is skeletal looking horse with wings from the world of Harry Potter.  In 2013 I designed a hexipuff duplicate stitch pattern to represent this mythical beast, so of course I had to make another one for this challenge.  If you don't know what a hexipuff is, here is the pattern for it.     
This ornament is going to be an end of the school year gift for one of my youngest son's teachers.  He has 1 main teacher and 2 helper teachers, so that means that I need to make 3 ornaments all together.  After I made this ornament for one of his teachers, I had a parent / teacher conference with his speech teacher.  She is very nice, and as it turns out he no longer needs speech therapy (he had been going for a few years).  Yay!  So now I want to make her an ornament as well to say thank you.  That means that I need to make 4 of these personalized fair isle ornaments before school ends in June.  I have some print outs of a blank charted ornament pattern, and then I just fill in the chart (graph paper) with what I want to be on the ornament.  For this teacher I put her first name and 2 apples.  I'm using charts that I have found on Pinterest.  Here is my "hexipuff" Pintrest board which is full of smaller graph designs for knitting.  
Here is the 2nd teacher ornament that I have made so far.  I used a different font for this one so that it stretched the name out a bit.  Then I created a heart pattern to go at the end of her name.   I'm only working on these ornaments during my 2 hour weekly knitting class, so they take me 2 classes to complete.  However they really are a single day project.  
Here is another purple hat for A Child's Light (charity).  Here is the free pattern for it.  I used an I hook and Cascade Pinwheel yarn to make it.  
Using some of my Caron Simply Soft stash and a G hook, I tried out a new baby hat pattern for the charity A Child's Light.  I really like this chevron hat pattern, although it does seem a little small.  I might add another round or two to the pattern the next time I make it.  
Here are the projects that I turned into the ravelry group Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup during May.   I really like being a part of challenge groups, because I will make things that I might not normally make.  Plus there is a deadline to turn things in by, so I get more things done.  Where this really comes into play is the 3 month long project, which basically forces me to finish a large project in 3 months instead of a year.  I've made several afghans in 3 months as a result.  

Here are the class prompts for HPKCHC for May:
- Care of Magical Creatures: Craft something inspired by either the acromantula or the thestral. Some examples are (but not limited to) Acromantula-Something for your home, something large, something with 8 pieces or something inspired by their web
Thestral-Something inspired by their skeletal appearance, something to aid in a trip with a thestral, something with wings or something inspired by their invisibility.
- Charms: Craft using the colors of water, create a container to hold the water or craft something to protect yourself against a stray stream of water.
Divination: Your homework this month is use one (or more) of the Centaurs methods for divining the future. Use 2 or more different colors/materials to create 1 object. Find an object/symbol/shape in the smoke, this can be a repeating pattern or individual objects.
History of Magic:
DYERS - look around you and be inspired by the green and grey of the wall and its surrounding landscape. You may use the picture included here, or one found elsewhere online…but please focus on the wall and the landscape. If you have a picture of your Great Uncle Jack climbing the wall….you may not use the virulent purple of his windbreaker as your inspiration.
SPINNERS - This wall has lasted centuries….at least parts of it have. Use a fiber choice or plying technique that will give your final yarn great strength to stand the test of time.
CROCHETERS, WEAVERS AND KNITTERS - You may take inspiration from either the shape of the wall (make something long, something built of bricklike shapes, or something based on your own inspiration) or from its designer’s protective intent (make something intended to protect, even though, like the wall, it may not work in the long run).
Potions: Craft something inspired by the invigoration draught (it stimulates body, mind, spirit and provides energy).
Muggle Studies: Craft something that represents a stamp from the Muggle world. Please include a picture of the stamp that inspired you in your hand-in.
Transfiguration: “This month we would like to you to explore your ability to transfigure an object with color. Be inspired by all of the colors around you as the seasons change! Your requirements are quite simple, take any pattern and create it using a color that would not be expected for that object or use a color that you would not normally use. So if you normally would never ever use pink yarn, use pink yarn. Or if you would never ever think of having a purple and green dog, this month create a purple and green dog! Don’t just think outside of the box, use all the crayons in that box of 128!!”
DADA: Craft something that has a final (or nearly-final) step that sets or hardens it into its final shape. 
Detention: This can be a project that was started at anytime, but it was finished during this month.

Here is what I turned in for the Disney Adventures challenges for May.  

Here are the challenge prompts for May:
Art of Animation: Be inspired by the Disney animated movie Bambii.
Disney Legends: Be inspired by the Disney Legend Tyrus Wong.
EPCOT: Either finish a project started in another month or use your stash yarn to make something.
Imagineering: Knit, crochet, or weave something using the chevron pattern.
Park Hopper: Be inspired by the Disney ride It's A Small World.
Pixie Dust: Either donate to The British Deer Society or to another charity of your choice.  Volunteering also counts.